Nexus Surface Innovation

Nexus Surface Innovation Co., Ltd., also known as “NEXURF” is a MMRI, Chulalongkorn University’s deep-tech spinoff company with strong expertise in technology and business developments in the fields of surface & coating innovations, especially the electrolytic process related. Nexurf team has a long experience working with industries (both SMEs and corporates) and start-up enterprises to increase their competitiveness through product and service developments.


Nexurf embarks on 3 key activities, including serving as (i) innovation business development service (iBDS) providers working with industries for enhancement towards innovation driven enterprises (IDEs) and market diversification, (ii) incubators for in-house cutting-edge spin-off projects, and (iii) pioneers in surface technology of high impacts towards sustainable goals. Nexurf is structured with endorsements from Chula’s Second Century Fund (C2F) and Thailand Innovation Policy Council Office (NXPO), and is regarded as a national model for a private iBDS by the agency.


At Nexurf, we pride ourselves on technical experience, commitment, and expansive networks. Nexurf collaborate with many esteemed organizations including Fraunhofer Institute IPA (Germany) and various academic institutes to effectively galvanizing technologies to the next levels.